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What are the different types of auger bit?

What are the different types of auger bit?

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Different types of auger bits In addition to the various different patterns of auger bit, this tool is produced in a range of designs to drill through wood, as well as specialist auger bits that can drill through a variety of different materials both inside and outdoors.

Wood boring auger

An example of an auger bit This is the most common type of auger bit and can be used for drilling through thick pieces of wood to create channels for pipes or electrical cables.

Triple-fluted wood bit

Example of a triple-fluted wood bit Triple-fluted wood bits are aggressive, and designed to cut rapidly through wood stock where neatness is not a requirement.

Carbide-tipped auger bit

Example of a nail eater auger bit with a removable carbide insert Similar to regular wood-boring augers, carbide-tipped augers are designed to be hard enough to cut through hidden nails, which would cause damage to other bits, meaning Carbide-tipped bits are likely to last for longer.

Concrete auger

An example of a concrete auger bit Concrete augers are designed for use with hammer drills. They provide the advantages that you would associate with wood augers, such as efficient clearance of waste material and a neat bore hole, with the resilience of masonry drill bits.

For more information, see: What is a concrete auger?

Ice auger

An example of an ice auger bit, which can be used with 18 volt handheld drill drivers Ice augers are enormous drill bits that can be powered by cordless drills through the use of an adaptor. They are used to drill holes in thick ice by fishermen.

Earth auger

An example of an earth auger bit with a petrol powered driver Earth augers are large tools that are used to bore post holes into soil. They are often used in gardens. They need a driver more powerful than a cordless drill, such as a chainsaw motor, to work.For more information on the bit, see: What is an earth auger bit?
Example of a rock ripper auger bit Sometimes, post holes need to be drilled through solid concrete or tarmac. In this case, earth augers with specially designed tips called ‘rock rippers’ are used to break through to the soil below.

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