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What are auger bits made of?

What are auger bits made of?

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Hot rolled cast steel, the material that was used to make augers during the 19th Century During the 19th Century, auger bits were made of hot rolled cast steel.
Tool steel is the most common material used in the manufacture of auger bits However, they are now most commonly made from high carbon tool steel, which is harder and more resilient.
A tool steel auger bit drilling wood This is slightly softer than the high speed steel used to make other drill bits, but it is not necessary for a bit to be quite so hard when it is primarily designed for cutting wood. Auger bits are also used at a slow speed in comparison to twist bits, meaning there is less need for heat resistance
An auger bit made from high speed steel, which is more resistant to damage from heat than tool steel Auger bits made from high speed steel are available, but they are less common.

For more information on high speed steel, see: What are drill bits made of?

Example of a nail eater auger bit with a removable carbide insert Titanium carbide is used for the tips of some auger bits as it is hard enough to cut through nails.

For more information on titanium carbide, see: What are drill bits made of?

Image to show that spoon bits are produced without any form of coating as it would quickly be worn away due to sharpening Auger bits are not usually supplied with any form of coating, as the tool steel they are made from is hard wearing enough for them to last a long time.

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