What is an auger bit?

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 An example of an auger bit 

An auger bit is a spiral-shaped drill bit that is designed to drill deep holes in wood.

 An auger bit clearing waste wood from a bore hole as it drills 

Auger bits excel at removing waste material from a borehole, meaning they are unlikely to get jammed inside a workpiece.

 A guide screw on an expansive bit 

Just like some of the other specialist wood bits, auger bits have a sharp point at the centre of their tip to ensure that holes can be drilled with precision. Most have a screw thread on them that helps to pull the bit through the wood with ease.

 A shipwright using an L'Hommedieu pattern auger as part of his day job 

Augers have been in use for centuries, and a variety of different designs of auger bit exist for use in DIY and construction.


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