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What is a triple fluted wood bit?

What is a triple-fluted wood bit?

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Example of a triple-fluted wood bit A triple-fluted wood bit is a bit that has been designed for maximum wood boring efficiency.
An example of a spade bit It combines the flat cutting edges of spade bits…
An example of an auger bit …with the wide flighting and guide screws of auger bits…
Example of a brad point bit …and the steep spiral flutes of brad point bits.
Drilling quickly with a three-fluted wood bit The result is a very aggressive cutting tool that bores through wood quickly but leaves an extremely rough finish.
A hand-held drill driver, which is needed to drive a triple-fluted wood bit Triple-fluted wood bits only work with power drills, and require a driver of upwards of 18 volts in order to work efficiently.
A hole drilled by a triple-fluted wood bit with signs of tear out They are prone to causing tear out both on entry and exit from a borehole. This means they can rip off large splinters from the surface of the wood stock, ruining its appearance.
A triple-headed wood bit being used in a construction project. As such, this type of bit is best used for construction, or in situations where presentation isn’t a factor (you might not be able to see the wood) and you need to bore a large number of holes in a short space of time.

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