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What is an ice auger bit?

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An example of an ice auger bit, which can be used with 18 volt handheld drill drivers An ice auger bit is a large, sturdy auger bit used to drill through thick ice to create holes for ice fishermen.
Image of an adaptor used to enable an ice auger to be powered by a cordless drill driver They can be attached to cordless drill drivers by means of an adaptor, which fits into a 13mm (1/2″) drill chuck.
A hand-held drill driver, which can be used to power a brad point bit 24-36 volt drivers are ideal for use with ice auger bits, but it’s possible to use a standard 18 volt driver, which should be able to drill upwards of ten holes before running out of power.
Fishing on an excessively cold day, which could cause the battery in your cordless drill driver to run out more quickly If the weather is particularly cold, this may have an adverse effect on your drill’s battery, causing it to deplete more quickly.
An ice fisherman near some exceptionally thick ice Additionally, if you are drilling through particularly thick ice, you may find you get fewer holes out of your drill before it needs to be recharged.
Image to advise DIYers to work slowly with their auger bit Used on a low speed, auger bits are ideal for drilling through ice, as they make a clean cut without causing damage to the surrounding surface.
Don't apply too much pressure when drilling with an auger bit The traction from the guide screw means that you don’t have to apply huge amounts of downward pressure while boring a hole.
Wonkee Donkee reminds potential ice fisherpeople that an ice auger bit will do everything but catch the fish for you

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