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What is a carbide tipped auger bit?

What is a carbide-tipped auger bit?

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Example of a nail eater auger bit with a removable carbide insert Carbide-tipped auger bits are designed to resist damage when boring through wood that contains hidden nails.
Image showing the location of the removable carbide tip on a nail-resistant auger The bit features a solid nose with a carbide insert, which is attached or detached by means of a set screw.
A wooden floor with nails, which may need to be drilled through with a carbide tipped auger bit The carbide tip is harder than the steel used for making nails, meaning the user can even drill through nailed boards, like decking, without having to worry about damaging the bit.
Replacement carbide tip, hex key and locking screw for carbide tipped auger bit If a carbide-tipped bit does wear down from cutting through too many nails, the carbide insert can be removed and replaced by unfastening the locking screw and re-tightening it once the insert has been replaced.
Example of a L'Hommedieu pattern auger, which was developed to make shipbuilding easier by Edgar L'Hommedieu Carbide-tipped bits are often L’Hommedieu pattern, which itself is sturdy and resilient.

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