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What is an auger bit used for?

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Image showing the length of an auger bit Auger bits are long and strong, which makes them ideal for boring deep holes.
An auger bit clearing waste wood from a bore hole as it drills As augers were originally used for transporting materials that were difficult to handle, such as water or grain, they excel at removing material from bore holes, dramatically reducing the risk of clogging or jamming.
A hand brace with an auger bit Their sturdy nature and the location of their cutting blades mean that auger bits can be used in hand-powered drills just as easily as in power drills. This can be particularly useful when drilling in confined spaces, where there may not be room for a power drill due to the length of the bit.
A DIYer drilling through a wooden rafter to install a cable All of these strengths make augers the go-to drill bit for boring holes for cables and pipes in walls and between floors, and drilling through thick, tough timber such as decking.
A door with two circular mortises cut into it to accommodate the parts of a lock mechanism. These holes have been created by an auger bit. They are often used by locksmiths to create mortises in thick hardwood doors.
An example of an earth auger bit with a petrol powered driver A much larger version of the auger bit is used to dig holes for posts. This is called an earth auger.

For more information on earth auger bits, see: What is an earth auger bit? For more information on the tool as a whole, including the driver, see: Manual Post-Hole Augers.

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