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Auger Bits: Care and Maintenance

Auger Bit Care and Maintenance

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An example of an auger bit Auger bits are re-sharpenable drill bits that will last a long time if they are looked after properly. There are a few things to bear in mind that will help you to keep these tools in top condition.

Use only with wood

Image reminding DIYers to only use auger bits on wood While it may be tempting to use wood boring auger bits with other materials, such as plastic, this is likely to damage them.

Keep dry

An example of a dry place in which to store your auger bits Store your auger bits somewhere dry. As they are not usually coated, they are more prone to rust than most other drill bits.

Take care when sharpening

Image showing a DIYer sharpening the wrong part of an auger bit Be careful not to sharpen the outsides of the spurs or the underside of the lips when sharpening so as not to upset the balance of your tool or affect its size.
A warning to DIYers to remind them that they need to be careful not to push the spur they're not grinding into the wheel by mistake Sharpening the wrong side of the spurs can cause your bit to become jammed much more easily, and sharpening the wrong side of the lips can cause the bit to stop cutting the wood altogether.

For more information, see: How to sharpen an auger bit

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