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What is an adjustable links weld clamp magnet?

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red adjustable links weld clamp magnet An adjustable links magnet is a type of weld clamp magnet where each magnet can be completely rotated.
Wonkee donkee says "This is also known as a 360 degree swivel magnet"
adjustable links weld clamp magnet set at 45 degrees Adjustable links magnets can be adjusted to angles between 0° and 360°.
adjustable links on a adjustable links weld clamp magnet The adjustable links aspect of this weld clamp magnet is named after the way the magnets are moved to create the different angles. The angles are achieved by tightening/loosening the wing nuts on each magnet which allows the magnets to move freely to the desired angle.
Mitre saw protractor You can set the angle by adjusting the two magnets to most devices that can measure angles. The measuring device needs to be non-magnetic to set the angles accurately without being attracted to the magnets. An example of the type of tool you could use for this job would be a mitre saw protractor, as it is made of aluminium and can measure angles between 0° and 360°.