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What is a weld clamp magnet?

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welding two pipes together with two arrow fixed multi angle weld clamp magnets and an arc welder A weld clamp magnet is a type of magnet that is used to aid the welding of pieces of steel or iron together.
Wonkee Donkee says "The term weld means to join multiple pieces of metal together by applying heat and sometimes a filler metal"
Blue and yellow variable angle weld clamp magnet holding two pieces of steel pipe at 140 degrees Weld clamp magnets make welding faster and easier, by holding the metal sections together at the desired angle before welding.
Types of weld clamp magnet: variable angle, fixed multi angle, 90 degrees and adjustable links They come in four forms: fixed multi angle, variable angle, adjustable links, and 90 degree angle.
weld clamp magnets holding circular and square pipes Weld clamp magnets can hold round, square, or flat pieces of iron or steel.
Multiple arrow fixed multi angle weld clamp magnets holding together a steel structure Several weld clamp magnets can be used in conjunction with each other.They are often used to hold steel or iron fabrications in place for final checking before welding all of the parts together.