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How to weld caps onto the end of a round or
square pipe using a weld clamp magnet?

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angle grinder, cut out pieces of metal, round or square metal pipe, stick welding machine and an adjustable links magnet Things you will need:

  • Round or square pipe
  • Round/ square piece of metal that is the same size as the inside of the pipe
  • Adjustable links weld clamp magnet set at a 90 degree angle for an outside corner (you could also use a corner angle weld clamp magnet for this)
  • Stick (arc) welding system which is also known as shielded metal arc welding (SMAW).
  • Angle grinder
corner weld clamp magnet holding a steel cap on one of its sides

Step 1 – Place magnet on cut metal

Place one flat edge of the magnet down the centre of the cut out piece of metal so that the end of the magnet sticks out beyond the edge.

Corner weld clamp magnet holding the cap onto the pipe

Step 2 – Line up metal with pipe

Line up your cut out piece of metal as perfectly to the inside of the pipe as you can. Place the end of the magnet onto the edge of the pipe so that the cut out material is held flat with the end of the pipe.


Step 3 – Tack weld

Tack weld at three or four points along the outside conjoined edges of the cut out metal and the pipe.

Welding the cap completely onto the pipe

Step 4 – Remove magnet

Remove the magnet from the tack welded pipe and then continue to fully weld the seam of the cap and pipe with your stick welder.

Grinder gringing off the edges of the welded pipe and cap

Step 5 – Grind off edges

Grind off the bumpy edges of the weld to give a clean finish.