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What is a web stretcher used for?

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Small bed with webbing base, stretched out using a web stretcher A web stretcher is used to stretch out webbing for items such as chairs, sofas and beds. It is important that webbing is held taut to provide a firm platform for the upholstery.
Wonkee Donkee says; Taut means pulled or drawn tight
Using a web stretcher to stretch out webbing and secure the webbing with staples The web stretcher is used to hold the webbing tightly in place over the item, so it can be secured onto the object with nails or staples.
Webbing used to upholster dining chair, web stretcher used to stretch out the webbing A web stretcher is an important tool as webbing is used in most upholstery applications, as well as in the re-upholstering of items such as dining chairs.
Dining chair reupholstered using web stretcher and painted to be up-scaled Re-upholstering has become more popular in recent years with the trend of DIY upscaling and recycling furniture.