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What are the types of web stretcher?

What are the types of web stretcher?

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There are three main types of web stretcher, these include slotted web stretchers, gooseneck web stretchers and spiked web stretchers. Read more about all of the different types of web stretchers ans what makes them unique below.

Slotted web stretchers

Slotted web stretcher used to stretch out webbing for upholstery The slotted web stretcher is the most common web stretcher used in Britain. Unlike the other two web stretchers, it does not have any spikes so it can stretch the webbing without making any holes in it (something which can weaken the material).

Gooseneck web stretchers

Gooseneck web stretcher used to stretch out webbing in upholstery Gooseneck web stretchers are slightly larger than the other web stretchers and have a lever-like handle to give the user more leverage when pulling the webbing. They take their name from the joint between the handle and the head of the tool which is said to resemble a goose’s neck.

Spiked web stretchers

Spiked webbing stretcher used to stretch webbing in upholstery Spiked web stretchers are a smaller version of the gooseneck web stretcher. They also use spikes to grip the webbing, but have less leverage force because they do not have a handle, meaning that it is not as easy to stretch very strong webbing, such as jute.

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