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Gooseneck Web Stretchers

Gooseneck web stretchers

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Gooseneck web stretcher used to stretch out upholstery webbing The gooseneck web stretcher is an American design, but is still widely used in the UK. It can be held easily in both the right or left hand.
Gooseneck web stretcher being used, spiked go through the webbing and pull it tight so it can be fixed in place on the upholstery Web stretchers with spikes are usually only used for tough webbing, such as jute and cotton webbing, because the spikes make small holes in the webbing. If the webbing is too thin, when pressure is used, the stretcher will just rip through the webbing.
Wonkee Donkee; Cotton and jute webbing is strong because the threads are thin, meaning they can be knitted together more closely therefore  making a stronger webbing.
Rubber protection on the head of a gooseneck web stretcher to protect wood when web stretching The gooseneck web stretcher has a thin piece of rubber attached to its head. This protects the surface of the object you are upholstering and stops the tool from slipping whilst in use.
Webbing, used to upholster furniture. stretched out used a web stretcher The gooseneck web stretcher has a head width of 101mm (4″), which means it can stretch webbing of just under this width, (around 90mm (3.5″)), due to the handle space. This is significantly more than the slotted web stretcher, so if you are using wider, stronger webbing, the gooseneck web stretcher is likely to be more suitable.

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