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Slotted Web Stretchers

Slotted web stretchers

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Slotted web stretcher used to stretch out upholstery webbing A slotted web stretcher is the most common stretcher used in the United Kingdom. It is called a slotted web stretcher because it has a small slot in its face, through which the webbing is threaded.
Dowel of a slotted web stretcher used to hold webbing in place whilst it is being stretched. It also has a small dowel to hold the webbing in place whilst it is being stretched. Because of this feature, some users may prefer the slotted web stretcher over other types which use spikes to hold the webbing and can leave very small holes.
Slotted web stretcher The slotted web stretcher is made from beechwood, with either a piece of string or small chain connecting the dowel to the tool. It could be considered safer than a web stretcher with spikes (teeth) as if the stretcher slips, there is nothing sharp to injure the user.
Slot of a slotted webbing stretcher, 50mm wide to accept up 50mm wide webbing to be stretched The slotted web stretcher can accept webbing of up to 50mm (2″) wide, to match the size of the slot on the tool.

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