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What is a web stretcher?

What is a web stretcher?

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Web stretcher used to stretch out upholstery webbing to make it tight and springy A web stretcher is a hand tool used to stretch out upholstery webbing, (which needs to be pulled tight to give it its elasticity). A web stretcher can be used by anyone who needs to stretch out upholstery webbing.
Three types of web stretcher; slotted web stretcher, spiked web stretcher and gooseneck web stretcher. All used to stretch out upholstery webbing There are three versions of the web stretcher: one that uses a dowel to hold webbing in place (a slotted web stretcher) and two which use metal spikes to grip the webbing, (the spiked and gooseneck web stretchers).For more information, see the page: What are the types of web stretcher?

What is webbing?

Webbing, used for upholstery and stretched out using a webbing stretcher Webbing is a material made out of closely woven fabric. As the thin material is woven together so tightly, it is very strong whilst still being lightweight.
   Wonkee Donkee says; The term webbing comes from the component used in the manufacturing of webbing which is a mesh like material resembling a web
webbing used to upholster a sofa, webb stretcher used to stretch out the webbing tight Webbing was originally made from cotton but most modern webbing is made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon or polypropylene.
A slotted web stretcher being used to stretch out webbing Webbing is used for many things including securing objects to be towed, seatbelts and furniture upholstery which is where the web stretcher is used.

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