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Spiked Web Stretchers

Spiked web stretchers

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Spiked web stretcher used to pull upholstery webbing The spiked web stretcher is a smaller, cheaper version of the gooseneck web stretcher. It is an American design and, like the gooseneck stretcher, uses metal spikes to grip the webbing.
Rubber end of the spiked web stretcher, used to protect the wood and stop the tool slips when stretching out webbing The spiked web stretcher has a piece of rubber attached to the end opposite the spikes. This stops the tool from slipping when in use and protects the wood of the object you are upholstering.
Spiked web stretcher head size, 82mm, to stretch out 80mm webbing The head of the spiked web stretcher is 82mm (3.25″) wide, so can stretch webbing up to around 80mm (3″) wide. As the stretcher uses spikes to grip the webbing, it can pull strong webbing, such a jute, however it does not allow the user as much leverage as the gooseneck web stretcher.
Plastic spiked web stretcher used to stretch out webbing There is a version of the spiked web stretcher made from plastic. This web stretcher is lighter to use and cheaper to buy. However, due to its plastic frame, it is not as strong as the wooden models and therefore should not be used with webbing that will require a large amount of force to pull as this could damage or break the tool.
Price tag, the plastic spiked web stretcher is much cheaper than other web stretchers As the plastic version is much cheaper than the wooden versions it is useful if you only need the tool for a one off or small task, for example re-upholstering your own chairs or other little DIY projects.

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