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How to use a spiked web stretcher?

How to use a spiked web stretcher

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Attach webbing to one end of the furniture so that it can be stretched out using a web stretcher

Step 1 – Attach webbing

Place one end of the webbing across the frame of your furniture or object and secure it in place with staples or nails.

Pull out the webbing across the object so it is ready to stretched by a web stretcher

Step 2 – Pull out webbing

Pull the webbing across the frame, keep it tight, and hold it over the opposite end of furniture ready to be stretched.

Attach the web stretcher by pushing the spikes through the webbing

Step 3 – Attach web stretcher

Place the rubber-tipped end of the stretcher up against your object to protect it and pull the webbing over to the spiked end of the tool. Push the spikes through the webbing to secure it in place.

Stretch out webbing using a spiked web stretcher, secure in place with staples or nails

Step 4 – Stretch and secure webbing

Push the web stretcher down until the webbing is tight to your satisfaction. Secure the webbing in place by either nailing or stapling it to your object. Cut off the excess webbing.

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