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How does a web stretcher work?

How does a web stretcher work?

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Using a web stretcher to hold webbing in place over a piece of wood that it then secured in place with a staple gun A web stretcher is used in upholstery applications to pull or stretch the webbing. The web stretcher holds the webbing in place, once it has been pulled taut, so that it can then be fixed in place with a hammer and nails or a staple gun.
Web stretchers with and dowel and a spike both ways used to grip webbing A web stretcher holds the webbing in two ways, depending on which type of stretcher you use.

Slotted web stretcher

Using a slotted web stretcher to stretch webbing A slotted web stretcher holds the webbing in place using a dowel. The webbing is threaded through the stretcher, around the dowel and then back through the stretcher. The dowel then locks the webbing in place as it’s too big to fit through the hole.

Web stretchers with metal spikes

Spiked web stretcher pulling webbing by pushing teeth through the webbing A web stretcher with spikes holds the webbing by piercing the mesh with the spikes in order to grip it.
Slotted web stretcher pulling webbing taunt so it can secured in place Once the webbing is gripped, the user can push down or pull on the web stretcher to make the webbing as taut as possible. The webbing can then be secured in place using a hammer and nails.

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