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What tap reseater sizes are available?

What tap reseater sizes are available?

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tap reseater threaded section and cutter Although the size of a tap reseater itself does not vary, there are two parts of the tool that are available in different sizes: the cutter and the threaded section.


seat and cutter equal diameters A tap seat is measured across its diameter. The diameter of the cutter must correspond with the diameter of the seat itself; for instance, a 1″ seat will require a 1″ cutter.

There are two standard sized taps: 1/2″ and 3/4″ (12 mm and 19 mm).

All tap reseaters will be supplied with multiple cutters for these specifications, but there are also spares available for purchase.

bevelled and flat tap reseater cutters There are also two shapes of cutter: flat and bevelled (sometimes called conical).
tap seats flat and bevelled The main variation between cutters is the slant of the face which is either flat or bevelled. This is because the tap seats are either flat or bevelled. You should choose a cutter that matches the seat of your tap.

Threaded section

retaining nut threads recessed and to the top The threaded section of a tap reseater is screwed into the retaining nut screw hole, so the threads for both pieces must match.
Tapered cone and parallel bushings tap reseater The threaded section comes in either parallel bushings or a tapered cone. The tapered cone is for use on tap bodies threaded all the way to the top and the parallel bushings are for threads which are recessed below the surface.
variety of parallel bushings for tap reseaters The threads on tapered cones are universal and they do not require changing. Whereas, the parallel bushings only fit one thread size but are interchangeable; a single tool usually includes multiple pieces which fit taps of different specification.

How to choose what size tap reseater

tap reseater with spare cutters and tapered cones When looking for the correct size tap reseater it is often best to go by eye, after looking at the disassembled tap. This is why tap reseaters that are supplied with multiple, interchangeable parts are handy. Reading the labels is also important, as purchasing parts with stated sizes that correspond will ensure all pieces work together.

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