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What are the parts of a compression washer tap?

What are the parts
of a compression washer tap?

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Detailed diagram of a standard compression washer tap showing the cap or cover, retaining nut, spindle, o-ring, step screw, stem washer and handle

Compression washer tap screw cover or cap

compression washer tap cap or screw cover The cap, which is either screwed or pushed into place, is more aesthetically pleasing than the screw it conceals and also provides a layer of protection for the mechanics inside. Some tap designs include other aesthetic additions like tap body coverings and base plates.
 Another name for the decorative coverings on a tap is escutcheon, which comes from words meaning 'to shield'.

Compression washer tap handle screw

compression washer tap screw to hold handle in place A brass or stainless steel screw secures the handle to the tap spindle.

Compression washer tap handle

compression washer tap handle The handle is the exposed part of the mechanism, used to manipulate the water flow.

Compression washer tap spindle retaining nut

compression washer tap retaining nut The retaining nut fixes the spindle in place while still allowing the mechanism to move.

Compression washer tap spindle

compression washer tap spindle The spindle forms the majority of the internal mechanism. As the handle is turned, so is the spindle, causing it to move up and down, forcing the washer against the seat.

Compression washer tap spindle O-ring

compression washer tap O-ring O-rings can be used at varying points within a tap to seal joints and prevent water passing through.

Compression washer tap washer

compression washer tap rubber washer The washer is the part of the tap in constant use, it is moved up and down against the seat to stop and start the flow of water. The washer is made of rubber and can become worn down, brittle and cracked.

Compression washer tap stem screw

compression washer tap spindle screw The stem screw holds the washer in place at the bottom of the spindle.

Compression washer tap seat

compression washer tap seat This is the part that the tap reseater repairs. The seat is where the washer rests when it is down and the tap is off. This means that the seat is also in constant use and is vulnerable to both wear and limescale. The tap reseater grinds away any unevenness on the seat so that it is smooth. This enables the washer to sit flush on the seat so that there are no gaps for water to pass through.

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