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What is a tap reseater?

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All metal good quality tap reseater Tap reseaters are plumbing tools used to repair water taps.
tap reseater in use with drill bit attachment. Tap reseater driver for use with cordless drills. Fits all Scottool tap reseaters. Use only at very low speed. Max 50rpm. Tap reseaters are hand tools, but there are attachments available that adapt them for use with a drill.
parallel bushing and tapered cone tap reseater There are two different designs of tap reseater, but the variation does not affect performance. They are for use on different tap designs. (see What tap reseater sizes are available?).
use a tap reseater to repair a dripping tap caused by damaged seat Tap reseaters are used to fix one of the possible causes of a leaking tap. A leaking tap can be caused by multiple things and is dependent on the type of tap you have. A leaking tap is most commonly caused by general wear and tear of its parts.
Diagram of a tap washer and seat Tap reseaters repair compression washer taps. The flow of water from a compression washer tap is stopped and started by the movement of a rubber stopper (washer) against a hole (seat) inside the tap body. Tap reseaters repair the seat of a tap.