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How to use a tap reseater with a drill?

How to use a tap reseater with a drill?

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disassemble compression washer tap Before you reseat the tap, you must turn off the water and disassemble the tap. For instructions on how to do this see How to fix a leaking tap using a tap reseater.
choose the right sized parts for your tap

Step 1 – Check size

Ensure you have the right size threaded piece and cutter for the reseater.

insert the reseater in to the tap body

Step 2 – Insert cutter

Place the reseater blade downwards into the tap body.

tighten the threaded section in to the retaining nut screw hole

Step 3 – Secure in tap

Tighten the threaded section in the retaining nut screw hole.

 Remember righty tighty, lefty loosey.
insert drill bit driver in to hand drill

Step 4 – Attach tap reseater driver

Attach the tap reseater driver adapter to an appropriate power drill using the same method for attaching a regular drill bit.

slot drill on to tap reseater

Step 5 – Position drill

Slot the drill adapter onto the tap reseater.

Use the drill on low setting to grind tap seat

Step 6 – Low speed

Use the drill on a low setting to grind down the seat. Only a light pressure and quick bursts of drilling should be needed.

smooth and shiny reseated tap seat

Step 7 – Inspect seating

Remove the tap reseater and inspect the seat. The process may need repeating several times (with slightly more pressure for tougher build-ups),  until you have a shiny-looking seat which is smooth to the touch.

Reassemble the tap

tap washers and o-rings Whilst the tap is disassembled, it is advisable to also check that the O-rings and washer are in full working order and replace if necessary.
dripping tap Then you can reassemble the tap in the reverse order you took it apart. The tap should now be fixed, if the leak persists, contact a plumber.

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