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What are the parts of a tap reseater?

What are the parts of a tap reseater?

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labelled tap reseater diagram, blade, knob, thread

Tap reseater cutters

tap reseater blades The cutters or grinding blades of tap reseaters are round and serrated and work by grinding down the tap seat. They are screwed on to the shaft of the tool and are interchangeable. (See What tap reseater spares and accessories are available?).

Tap reseater shaft

tap reseater shaft The shaft is long and thin and can be smooth, threaded, or may have a spring to push the blade to the seat when the threads are engaged. The spring feature is rarer, but all versions work in similar ways.
parallel and tapered threaded pieces for tap reseaters The shaft is used to house a section which secures the tool when inserted into the tap body. This section screws on to the tap itself and holds it in place during use. The shafts of some tap reseaters have parallel threads, whilst others have tapered threads.
parallel tap reseater shaft


Parallel threads only fit one size of tap, but are interchangeable and often more than one size is included with a single tool. This part is called a parallel bushing.

Tapered tap reseater shaft


This variety are referred to as tapered cones. Tapered cones with tapered threads can fit tap bodies of a number of different sizes. They can be replaced, but are not provided with multiple sizes like a parallel bushing tap reseater. For more information on which threads you will need see What tap reseater sizes are available?

Tap reseater handle

tap reseater handles bar, knob, drill bit extension The handle part of the tool rotates the cutter and comes in the form of either a knob (which can be removable) or a bar. Most models include an extension for attaching the appropriate drill bit.

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