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What tap reseater spares and accessories are available?

What tap seater accessories and spares are available?

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tap reseater cutters and spares There are spare parts and additional accessories available for tap reseaters in the form of cutters and drill bit attachments. These parts can usually be used on multiple tools, but it is advisable to check the sizing of both products before purchase.
tap reseater with spare cutters The cutters on tap reseaters are replaceable. Spare cutters are handy for when an old one wears out or for when a different size is required. The drill bit attachment allows the tap reseater to be used as a power tool.

The cutters are long-lasting, dependent on amount of use, but are cheap and easy to replace with the availability of spares.

Spare cutters

Flat tap reseater cutter spare All cutters are round and screw on to the tip of the reseater shaft. There are two main varieties of cutters for tap reseaters: bevelled cutters and flat cutters. Flat cutters are straight across the top with a serrated head to perform the grinding of the seat.
Tap reseater bevelled cutter spare The edge of a bevelled cutter does not run perpendicular to the base line; instead, the edge slants down from the centre towards the edge of the tool.

The main difference between the types of cutter is the slant from the centre on a bevelled cutter. A bevelled cutter has the same serrated design as the flat cutter.

For more information on sizes and types of cutters see What tap reseater sizes are available?

Drill bit attachment

Tap reseater driver, drill bit attachment The driver or drill bit attachment simply slots on to any tap reseater handle with an extension for the attachment. This can sometimes be seen plainly at the end of the shaft or sometimes is hidden by the handle.
tap reseater driver in use The drill can then be used on a low speed to grind down the seat of the tap. The use of a drill only really saves your arm; the job can be done sufficiently (and with more control) by hand. However more power (or elbow grease) may be helpful for tougher build-ups.

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