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Are there any alternatives to tap reseaters?

Are there any alternatives to tap reseaters?

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dripping tap If you know that it is a damaged seat causing your drip, then there are three alternatives to the tap reseater. They are: the addition of a seat liner, replacement of the seat or replacement of the whole tap. However, as it is readily available, cheap and effective, using a tap reseater is the most commonly-used method

Seat liner

tap seat liners and washers kit This is a rubber piece which is laid on to the original seat; acting as a new seat or seat cover; so no water can pass through. Seat liners also require the washer to be replaced. To do this, you will need a washer-replacement kit which includes: the seat liner (white), a washer replacement (red) and installation tool (green). These are quite rare and often seen as not very effective because they are only masking the problem and can wear down quickly themselves.

Replacing the seat

installing a new tap seat with tap wrench It is possible to replace some tap seats entirely, using a seat wrench. This is a repair that is rarely necessary as reseating is a cheaper and easier solution. The replacement seats are screwed into place.

Replacing the tap

new tap fitting As a last resort, you may need to replace the entire tap (and subsequently the seat). This is a more costly but long-term solution. However, it may be difficult to find a tap that matches the original and this could mean that all taps in the room need replacing.

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