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What is a planning magnetic disc?

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Bottom of a yellow planning disc magnet with labelled ABS plastic and magnet A planning magnetic disc is a basic magnetic disc encased in ABS (Acrylonite Butadiene Stryene) plastic. The plastic casing covers two out of the three sides of the magnetic disc, leaving a single magnetic face free to stick to different ferromagnetic surfaces, for example a fridge door.
Wonkee Donkee says "This is also known as a memo magnet"
Fridge with a wide variety of flat planning magnetic discs ABS plastic is colourful with an attractive smooth finish, which makes it ideal for making the case of a decorative fridge magnet. It is also very tough and rigid which protects the magnet from any wear and tear that could affect its magnetic capabilities.
Wonkee Donkee says "ABS plastic (Acrylonite butadiene styrene) is a light weight thermoplastic. For more information on this see page What are magnets coated with?"
Planning disc magnets holding paper onto a white board Planning magnetic discs can be used on whiteboards for planning events by allowing different pieces of paper to be held onto a whiteboard in a colour coded system. This is where their name, planning magnetic discs, originates.
Different shapes and colours of planning disc magnets: hooks, flat, map-pin and skittle The planning magnetic disc’s casing can come in four different shapes: map-pin, hook, flat, or skittle. For more information on the different shapes, see the page: What are the shapes of planning magnetic discs?