What is a magnetic disc?

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 Diameter and depth of a grey basic magnetic disc 

A magnetic disc is a circular magnet that has a diameter greater than its depth.

 Cylinder bar magnet and basic magnetic disc each with labelled diameter and depth 

If the depth of the magnetic disc is greater than the diameter, it is then classed as a cylinder bar magnet.


For more information on cylinder bar magnets see the page: What is a cylinder bar magnet?

 Speaker with a ring magnetic disc and a planning magnetic disc 

The shape and large range of magnetic disc sizes available make it a very versatile magnet. Magnetic discs are often used as fridge magnets, computer memory and speakers.


For information on how a disc magnet works, see the page: How does a magnet work?

 Types of magnetic discs: white countersunk, silver ring, green planning and grey basic magnetic discs 

Magnetic discs come in four forms: basic, planning, ring and countersunk.

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