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What are the shapes of planning magnetic discs?

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Two red skittle planning disc magnets one on its side and one standing up with labelled ABS plastic casing The different shapes of planning magnetic discs are determined by the shape of the plastic casing which covers the magnetic disc inside. There are four different varieties of planning magnetic disc: flat, skittle, map-pin and hook.

Flat planning magnetic disc

Blue, red, white, yellow and green basic planning magnetic discs A flat planning magnetic disc is the most basic design of casing for a planning magnetic disc. It is simply a flat piece of ABS plastic casing without any extra moulding. Flat planning magnetic discs can be very useful for holding maps onto a magnetic black board.
Two multi coloured planning magnetic discs holding a piece of yellow card onto a fridge Flat planning magnetic discs can also be available with different patterns and pictures on the casing, which is particularly beneficial when they are used as fridge magnets.

Skittle planning magnetic disc

White skittle planning magnetic discs holding bath towels A skittle planning magnetic disc is named due to its similarity to the wooden pins used in the game skittles. The shape of the skittle allows the skittle planning magnetic disc to be used as a hook to hold light objects onto a ferromagnetic material, for example a set of keys or a towel.

Map-pin planning magnetic disc

Black map pin planning magnetic discs A map-pin planning magnetic disc has a casing in the shape of a map pin, but could also be described as looking like a mushroom or door knob. Just like hook and skittle planning magnetic discs, map-pin planning magnetic discs can be used to hold up items onto a ferromagnetic surface like a string of fairy lights.

Hook planning magnetic disc

Two red hook planning magnetic discs A hook planning magnetic disc has a plastic casing which extends from the centre of the magnetic disc into the shape of a hook. This type of planning magnetic disc is very helpful for hanging keys, wires and decorations from any ferromagnetic material. They are very similar to a ceiling magnet. For more information, What is a pot magnet?