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What are the parts of a ring magnetic disc?

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Labelled parts of a silver ring magnetic disc with a small hole: north pole, south pole, and hole

Magnetic poles

Axially and diametrically magnetised ring magnetic discs with labelled north and south poles The magnetic poles of a ring magnetic disc can be magnetised in two ways; axially and diametrically. An axially magnetised ring magnetic disc is magnetised through the length of the magnet, whereas a diametrically magnetised ring magnetic disc is magnetised through the diameter.


Ring magnet with labelled hole The hole in the ring magnetic disc is created at the time of manufacture and has the same diameter through the entire depth of the magnet. This distinguishes it from the hole in a countersunk magnetic disc, which tapers from one magnetic face to the other, in the shape of a cone .
Ring magnetic disc with a piece of black rope through the centre to be used for fishing The hole in the ring magnetic disc is used to attach the magnetic disc to a large range of of objects such as a fishing line.
Man fishing a bike out of a river with a ring magnetic disc The ring magnetic disc is not technically used for fishing, it is however used to fish ferromagnetic items, such as a bicycle or coins, out of a river.


Ring magnetic disc with a keeper The steel keeper on a ring magnetic disc must be removed before use to allow the magnet to work to its full potential. The keeper is a soft piece of iron temporarily added between the two ring magnetic discs, when multiple magnetic discs are stored together, to prevent them from demagnetising.