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What are the sizes of basic magnetic discs?

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Diameter and depth of a silver basic magnetic disc Basic magnetic discs are always measured diameter x depth.
Diameter of basic disc magnets 1mm and 127mm The diameter refers to the distance between the two widest points of the basic magnetic disc. It can range from 1mm (0.039″) to 127mm (5″).
Depth of a basic magnetic disc 0.25mm and 11mm The depth of a basic magnetic disc is the distance between its two magnetic faces and can range from 0.25mm (0.0098″)  to 11mm (0.43″).
Wonkee Donkee says "The centre of a large thin basic magnetic disc is actually its weakest point. This is bacause the north and south poles are along the edges of a magnetic disc"
Magnetic pull of basic disc magnet, 00.2kg and 45kg The magnetic pull of a basic magnetic disc ranges from 0.02kg (0.44lb) to 45kg (55lb).
Wonkee Donkee says "The magnetic pull is the maximum weight of ferromagnetic material the magnetic disc can hold, this is not determined by its overall size. This means that a large magnet does not necessarily have a larger magnetic pull than a small magnet"
Motor used for robotics with magnetic discs inside Different sizes of basic magnetic discs can be used for a large array of different applications. Large basic magnetic discs, for example, can be used for a robotics motor. There are two basic magnetic discs on either end of the motor for acceleration and changing direction.
Basic magnetic disc hidden inside a childrens toy which has a detachable arm A small basic magnetic disc, however, is more beneficial for activities such as model making, as it can be attached inside a small figurine without being visible to the user, making it more aesthetically pleasing.