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What are the parts of a planning magnetic disc?

What are the parts of a planning magnetic disc?

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Labelled parts of a red planning magnetic disc (view of the top and bottom): north pole, south pole and casing


Yellow planning magnetic disc upside down with labelled magnet A planning magnetic disc consists of a basic magnetic disc and a plastic case. The basic magnetic disc inside a planning magnetic disc can only be magnetised one way: multi-pole.
Multipole magnetic disc with labelled north and south pole A multi-pole planning magnetic disc has only one magnetised face. It is magnetised in a striped pattern of north and south poles e.g.  north, south, north, south, north.
Casing on a planning magnetic disc Planning magnetic discs can only be magnetised multi-pole due to the casing covering the top section of the magnet. This is because both the north and south poles are needed to be able to attract a ferromagnetic surface, which would not occur if the planning magnetic disc was magnetised in any other way.
Wonkee Donkee says "For more information on how these different magnetisations are achieved see page How are magnets made?"

Planning magnetic disc casing

Two red skittle planning disc magnets one on its side and one standing up with labelled ABS plastic casing The casing on a planning disc magnet covers two out of the three sides of the basic magnetic disc inside and is made from ABS plastic. ABS plastic (Acrylonite Butadiene Styrene) is a lightweight thermoplastic which has a colourful and attractive smooth finish.

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