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Introduction To DeWalt Motion Activated Screwdrivers

Introduction To DeWalt Motion Activated Screwdrivers

This type of screwdriver is motion activated.

What is a Motion Activated Screwdriver?

A motion activated, or gyro, screwdriver is a relatively new battery-powered tool that is designed to react to the movement of your wrist and allow you to use it intuitively, becoming in effect an extension of your body.


The tool works by using gyroscopic technology to sense your hand motion, giving precise control over speed and direction. 

What is a Motion Activated Screwdriver used for?

A gyroscopic screwdriver gives you more control.

This type of driver is ideal for speeding up light-duty tasks that would normally be carried out with a manual screwdriver. The tool is aimed chiefly at professionals who undertake repetitive work at close quarters, although home owners will also find it useful for DIY. Typical users include:

Cabinet Makers


Computer and Telephone Engineers





Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers


Maintenance Workers


Kitchen Fitters

What to look for in a Motion Activated Screwdriver?

Consider the following features when buying a gyroscopic screwdriver:

Motion control


Two-position handle


Small and lightweight design


Torque control


Fast bit change

Lock-off switch


LED work lights


Ergonomic grip


Battery fuel gauge

Motion Control

Example of how the gyroscopic screwdriver movement works.

To set the screwdriver going, you have to activate the gyroscopic sensors inside the tool by pressing the trigger. The sensors will then track your wrist movements to determine the speed and direction of drive – right to insert screws, left to remove them.


The faster you turn your hand, the faster the screwdriver will rotate. To slow it down, simply twist your hand in the other direction. The sensors are extremely sensitive; only slight movements are needed to produce change, resulting in a high level of precision and control.

Two-Position Handle

You can swivel the handle to alter the grip position.

Being able to change the way you hold your screwdriver can be very useful. The DeWalt motion activated driver has a versatile design that lets you hold it either in a pistol grip or an in-line position.


Changing grip will help prevent fatigue and wrist strain when working on repetitive tasks, and can sometimes enable you to get into awkward spaces by changing the angle of approach. You only need to press a button on the side of the tool and swivel the handle round to alter the setting.

Small and Lightweight Design

Gyroscopic screwdrivers tend to be small and light.

Measuring only 16.5cm high and 13.5cm long (in the pistol grip position), the screwdriver is compact enough to use in many tight spaces where a full size tool wouldn’t be practical.


The driver is designed to run all day, but as it weighs only half a kilo even with the battery fitted, it won’t tire out your arm in a hurry. Moreover, the handle features a rubber contoured grip for extra comfort.

Torque Control

How to use the torque adjustment collar on a DeWalt 16-point screwdriver.

More control gives better results. The DeWalt motion activated screwdriver includes a 16-position torque adjustment collar, which enables you to alter the amount of torque (turning force) being delivered.


This lets you fine-tune the setting and drive screws to the right depth every time, giving consistent results and avoiding over-tightening.

Lock-On and Off Switch

The lock-on button means you don't have to hold the trigger down.

Located just beneath the trigger, the lock-off switch will prevent the screwdriver from being accidentally switched on when you’re changing bits or transporting it in a tool bag.


It will also allow you to use the tool as a manual driver for precise final tightening if required.

Fast Bit Change

The Dewalt gyroscopic screwdriver has one-handed bit change.

With single-handed keyless chuck loading, you can change bits quickly and easily by simply pushing in the bit without even having to rotate the chuck sleeve.


The bit-holder accepts ¼ inch (6.35mm) bits, which are an ideal length for reaching into small spaces.

LED Worklights

DeWalt Motion Activated Screwdriver with LED light.

Two bright LED lights situated on either side of the chuck provide excellent illumination – ideal for using under kitchen worktops, in attics, cupboards or any other poorly lit areas.


A delay mechanism ensures that the lights will remain on for around 20 seconds after you have released the trigger switch, so you won’t be suddenly plunged into darkness.

Battery Fuel Gauge

A gauge shows how much charge is left in the battery.

To give you peace of mind, there is a gauge on top of the tool showing how much life is left in the battery.


The DeWalt DCF680 driver comes with a lightweight 1Ah Lithium-Ion battery, and should be able to drive around 120-130 drywall screws from a single charge. The battery takes an hour to recharge.

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