What is a protractor?

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A protractor is an instrument used to measure angles. 

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You may well have used them in your mathematics lessons.

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Angles are measured in degrees. There are 360 degrees in a full circle.

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Many protractors are a semi-circular shape made from plastic…

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…and can measure up to 180 degrees.

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However, it is possible to buy protractors which measure up to a full 360 degrees.


In construction, protractors can be found as a part of several tools, including:

  A red Faithfull combination square set; rule, ruler, blade, square head, centre head, protractor head  
  • Combination square sets

  A Mitutoyo bevel protractor; angles, protractor  
  • Bevel protractors

  A protractor and depth gauge; angles, protractor  
  • Protractors and depth gauges

   digital angle gauge with an On/Off button and a "Zero" button; angles, liquid crystal display, magnets  
  • Digital protractors (and angle gauges)