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What is a Digital Protractor?

What is a digital protractor?

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A digital protractor In addition to combination square sets, bevel protractors, and protractor and depth gauges, it is possible to buy digital protractors and other angle gauges.

A digital protractor is a type of protractor which measures the angle automatically without the user having to read it from a scale.

The display of a digital protractor These protractors have a digital display which shows the angle on the screen.
A digital protractor/angle gauge with three buttons: "on/off", "hold" and "zero" Some of these resemble a bevel protractor, but other types of digital protractor do exist. Some of these resemble a small box in design (as seen to the left), and are placed on a surface to determine its angle.
A digital angle gauge with two buttons: "on/off" and "zero" These kind of tools may also be referred to as “digital angle gauges” or “digital inclinometers”.

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