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What is a bevel protractor?

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A Mitutoyo bevel protractor A (universal) bevel protractor is used to measure angles of objects. You might see it used with various objects, including jigs, and when producing engineering/machine drawings.
The blade on a bevel protractor can be moved around the tool Unlike a regular protractor, a bevel protractor is adjusted to fit the angle.
Bevel protractor being used to measure an angle The base is placed on the bottom side of the angle, whilst the blade is moved to match the opposing side.
The vernier scale (bottom) as seen on a bevel protractor In addition to a degree scale, many bevel protractors will have a vernier scale on them as well, normally found underneath the degree scale.
A Mitutoyo bevel protractor with a satin chrome finish Like combination square sets, some bevel protractors may be ground, made from steels such as stainless steel, and also have a satin chrome finish to help the user read the scales more easily.
Bevel protractor in a case Likewise, they may come in boxes/cases in which they can be kept when not being used.
A dial bevel protractor


Variants of the bevel protractor do exist; some use a dial to display the reading and are called “dial (or indicator) bevel protractors”.
Universal precision protractor/precision universal vernier protractor Some have a somewhat different design and are known by names including “universal precision protractor” and “precision universal vernier protractor”. These may be more technical in nature.
Another type of bevel protractor Quite simply, designs may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Consulting your instructions will give guidance on how to use your product correctly.