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What are the parts of a bevel protractor?

What are the parts of a bevel protractor?

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Clockwise from top left: Base, Magnifying glass, Main and vernier scales, Fine adjustment knob, Rule/Blade, Locking nut, Mitutoyo
The bevel protractor is made up from several different parts.

Bevel protractor base

Mitutoyo bevel protractor base When measuring an angle, the base is placed on the bottom side of the angle.

Bevel protractor blade

Mitutoyo bevel protractor blade/rule The blade is placed on the opposite side of the angle and can be released from the bevel protractor using a nut/screw, which allows the protractor to be moved up and down the length of the blade to fit an angle.

Main scale on a bevel protractor

The "Main scale" on a bevel protractor This is the “primary scale” of the bevel protractor, measuring angles in (as usual) degrees. It is read first.

Vernier scale on a bevel protractor

The "Vernier scale" on a bevel protractor The vernier scale is a “secondary scale” and allows the angle to be measured with a greater degree of accuracy. It is measured in “minutes” and is read second.

Additional features of a bevel protractor

The fine adjustment knob on a Mitutoyo bevel protractor

Fine adjustment knob

The fine adjustment knob (which is available on some models) is designed to allow the user to move the blade around with a greater degree of accuracy, especially when trying to make the final alignment with the object to be measured.

A Mitutoyo bevel protractor with a magnifying glass

Magnifying glass

Some bevel protractors come with a magnifying glass attached, which helps when reading the angles more clearly.

Attachments available for a bevel protractor

Bevel protractor with acute angle attachment

Acute angle attachment

The acute angle attachment is sometimes used to measure very small angles. What qualifies as a “small angle” can vary depending on the model you are using.

With certain attachments, the user may be able to attach some models to height gauges.

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