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How To Use A DeWalt Mixer And Rotary Drill?

How to use a DeWalt Mixer and Rotary Drill?

DeWalt Mixer Drill

Before you use a DeWalt Mixer and Rotary Drill you should always read the manufacturers instructions (and most importantly the safety instructions). Knowing all the functions will give you so much more out of your power tools!

Setting Up the Drill

Insert Bit

Diagram of mixer drill chuck and key.

Make sure your drill is unplugged, then open the chuck by twisting its sleeve anti-clockwise until the jaws open. Push the drill bit into the jaws of the chuck as far as it will go until you feel it click into place.


Insert the chuck key into each hole in the side of the chuck, then turn clockwise until it tightens up.


Follow the procedure in reverse to remove the bit.

Fit Side and Spade Handles

Attaching Dewalt mixer drill handles.

Screw the side handle into one of the three corresponding holes on the machine. It’s essential to use this handle every time, otherwise you’ll find the machine too difficult to control.


Thread the spade handle into one of the matching holes on the back of the drill – you have a choice of two positions. For maximum safety and precision, try to use this handle wherever possible.

Set Direction of Rotation

Variable speed and reversing switches on mixer drill.

Slide the forward/reverse switch to the left (as viewed from the operating position) for forward rotation, and to the right for reverse rotation.

Tips on using the Mixer and Rotary Drill

Switching the Drill On and Off

Squeeze trigger to turn on Dewalt mixer drill.

To use the drill, press the variable speed trigger. The harder you squeeze it, the faster the tool will run.


Once the drill has reached full speed you can push the lock-on button (if in forward rotation) for continuous running, if desired, and release the trigger.


To stop the drill in continuous operation mode, press the trigger briefly then let it go.


When you’ve finished working, turn off the drill before unplugging it.

Mixing and Thread Tapping

Mixing plaster with Dewalt mixer drill.

Slide the forward and reverse switch to control the direction of rotation for mixing liquids or thread tapping.


For mixing, push the mixing paddle into the chuck in the same way as you would a drill bit. Using a low speed will help avoid the formation of air bubbles. And putting the drill in reverse mode at regular intervals will enable the liquid to blend more thoroughly. Never use the drill to mix flammable liquids.


When thread tapping, use forward rotation to make the hole then put the drill briefly into reverse. This will help to get rid of excess metal shavings and prevent them clogging up the drill bit.

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