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What are the different types of craft knife?

What are the different types of craft knife?

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Various types of craft knife available There are several different types of craft knife, each of which is designed for particular purposes.

Below is some information on each of the types.

Light-duty craft knife

Light-duty craft knives are used for cutting intricate shapes A light-duty craft knife is similar in appearance and size to a pen. It is designed for small cutting tasks and should only be used to cut soft and lightweight materials, such as paper, card and thin pieces of wood.
Scalpel craft knife for light-duty work Different models of light-duty craft knife are available, including a flat-handled version which looks similar to a surgical scalpel. Light-duty craft knives can be made from different materials, for example the handle can be made from either metal or plastic.
A light-duty knife is ideal for scrapbooking It is an ideal craft knife for tasks where precision is needed rather than strength, for example scrapbooking.

Medium-duty craft knife

Medium-duty craft knife is similar in appearance to a light-duty model A medium-duty craft knife is similar in appearance to a light-duty type, although it is slightly thicker.
Medium-duty craft knives can be used to cut thicker paper It is designed for use on medium density materials, such as thick paper and PVC.

Heavy-duty craft knife

Heavy-duty craft knives are ideal for cutting thick and difficult materials A heavy-duty craft knife is sometimes referred to as a box cutter. It is larger and thicker in size than the other types, which allows the user to hold it firmly in the palm of their hand when cutting thick materials.
Heavy-duty knife can be used in tough materials It is designed for use on cardboard, hardwood, plastic, rubber and other tough materials.

Although it is useful for heavy-duty cutting, its design does not provide as much control and precision as light-duty types. This makes it a tool best suited to larger craft projects, rather than intricate tasks, such as scrapbooking.

Swivel craft knife

A swivel craft knife has a blade that can rotate 360 degrees A swivel craft knife has a miniature blade that can rotate 360 degrees for cutting circles and curves in material. The blade is set on a pivot within the handle, which allows the blade to swivel when moved in various directions.
A swivel craft knife is ideal for cutting curves A swivel craft knife is ideal for cutting small circles, curves and intricate patterns in materials, such as paper, film, card, and cloth.

Fingertip craft knife

A fingertip craft knife has a unique design A fingertip craft knife differs in appearance compared with all the other types, as it is designed to be held in a unique way. It is used by placing an index finger inside the handle, which is designed in the shape of a ring to wrap around the finger.
A fingertip craft knife can be used for light to medium-duty cutting This way of handling the knife, along with its short length, offers greater precision and control when cutting. It is used for similar types of projects as light and medium-duty craft knives, meaning it should not be used for cutting thick or tough materials.
A fingertip craft knife is available with a swivel blade A fingertip craft knife is also available in a swivel version, which has a rotating blade for cutting difficult curves.

Carving craft knife

A carving craft knife is used for carving A carving craft knife has a large, ergonomically designed handle for greater control.
A carving craft knife can be used on wood It is designed for carving, detailing and sculpting in wood, but can also be used in other materials such as plastic and foam.

Disposable craft knife

A disposable knife is thrown away once the blade dulls A disposable craft knife can also be called a throwaway knife. This type of knife differs from many other types of craft knife, as it is designed to be thrown away once the blade becomes dull, rather than having a replaceable blade.
Using a disposable knife for light craft work Although its plastic handle may be slightly more feeble than other light-duty craft knives, it can still be used for many craft applications, such as cutting card and plastic.

Craftsman’s knife

A craftsman's knife is a heavy-duty type of knife Although it is designed for much heavier-duty work than is typically expected of a craft knife, a craftsman’s knife can still be used for hobby and art work. The knife has a long, stainless steel blade to cut through tough and resistant materials, such as wood and leather.
A craftsman's knife is ideal for carpentry It is an ideal knife to be used for carpentry, along with other types of craft work.

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