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How to cut a stencil with a craft knife?

How to cut a stencil with a craft knife

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A stencil is a pattern creating device A stencil is a device for creating an image or pattern on a surface by allowing a material, such as paint or ink, to pass through the holes in its design.
A craft knife is an ideal tool for cutting a stencil It is often made from thick card or acetate (thin plastic), meaning a craft knife is the ideal tool for cutting out a stencil pattern.
Place the stencil on the cutting mat Before you begin, lay your stencil on a cutting mat but do not secure it. This is because it is often easier to move the stencil, rather than the craft knife when cutting.
Draw your own stencil design

Step 1 – Draw stencil

If you are creating your own stencil design, draw your pattern on to a piece of card or acetate. Once you are happy with your design, go over the lines again with a dark felt tip pen or permanent marker.

If you are using a pre-bought design trace it on to the material Alternatively, you may be using a pre-bought stencil design which you simply trace on to a material of your choice.
 Donkee says 'Acetate is a great material to use for creating a stencil'
Place the point of the craft knife on the material

Step 2 – Position craft knife

Hold the craft knife at a slight angle in your hand, with the tip of the blade placed on the stencil.

Gently cut out the stencil design using your craft knife

Step 3 – Cut

Gently press on the craft knife blade and pull it across the material, along the lines drawn out, removing all the unwanted pieces from the stencil. If a piece of material is proving difficult to remove, carefully go over the same area with the craft knife again, until all pieces come away easily.

YOu now have a working stencil You now have a working stencil which can be used to print patterns on any surface of your choice.

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