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How to cut paper with a craft knife?

How to cut paper with a craft knife

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Making paper-cuts with a craft knife The technique you use with your craft knife depends on the type of cut you wish to make. Here are some steps explaining how to make both straight and curved cuts with your craft knife, when cutting in paper, card or a similar material.

Straight cuts

Always use a metal ruler for straight cuts with a craft knife When using a craft knife for these types of cut, always use a ruler to make sure the line is perfectly straight. A metal ruler is best as a craft knife may cut through a plastic or wooden one.
Use a pencil to draw the line you wish to cut

Step 1 – Draw cut line

Using a pencil, draw a guide for the line you wish to cut.

Position ruler at the edge of the straight line

Step 2 – Position ruler

Place your ruler along the straight line which you wish to cut.

Ideally, position it so that it covers the side of the material which you are aiming to use rather than the waste material side. The reason for this is that if a mistake is made when cutting, the side you wish to keep is protected and still intact.

You may wish to score the surface of the material first

Step 3 – Score surface

For precision when cutting straight lines, it may be an idea to score the material first by gently running the pointed tip of the blade down the edge of the ruler, along the cut line. This will help create a perfectly straight line without a messy edge.

Press a little harder on the craft knife to cut the material

Step 4 – Cut material

Finally, draw the sharp edge of the blade down the scored line, pressing a little harder to cut through the material completely.

 Donkee says 'Remember don't press too hard on your craft knife when cutting'

Curved cuts

A swivel craft knife is ideal for curved cuts A craft knife is an ideal tool for cutting curved patterns or shapes or letters from a piece of paper of card.

When making curved cuts, a swivel craft knife would be an ideal type to use, due to its rotating blade.

if needed, draw the outline of your shape to be cut with a pencil

Step 1 – Draw cut line

Using a pencil, draw the outline of the shape or pattern that you wish to cut out.

Position the blade on the cut line

Step 2 – Position blade

Place the edge of the blade on the outline of the shape to be cut.

Pull the blade of the swivel knife along the outline

Step 3 – Cut material

Begin to cut the material. If you are using a swivel craft knife, then simply move the blade edge along the outline. The swivel feature means the blade will easily rotate in the direction you wish to cut.

Use the craft knife blade to cut the material However, for all other types of craft knife, gently pull the blade along the outline of the pattern to be cut.

At some points you may find it easier to gently move the material around the blade, rather than the other way around. This can especially ease the task of cutting small and intricate patterns in thin sheets of paper.

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