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How to carve wood with a craft knife?

How to carve wood with a craft knife

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A craft knife can be used for light-duty carving A craft knife, when used with a carving blade, can be used for light-duty carving, such as creating small patterns and shapes in a piece of wood.
Different types of carving blade available There are different types of carving craft blades available, such as curved and concave, to help create different shapes in the material.
Draw or trace your design on to a piece of wood

Step 1 – Draw design

Draw or trace your chosen design on to a piece of wood.

Angle your blade for carving wood

Step 2 – Angle blade

Position your blade at an angle on the wood, with the sharp cutting edge on the material’s surface. An angled blade will make the wood carving process easier.

Step 3 – Cut outline

Start cutting the outline of your design by either pulling the angled blade towards you or pushing it away from you (whichever you find easiest). The best technique is to carve the outline of your design first, moving your way in towards the centre.

Aim to remove small pieces at a time, rather than large chunks. This will prevent too much pressure from being put on the knife blade.

 Donkee says 'Try to cut along the grain when carving'
Use the craft knife to carve details into the wood

Step 4 – Add detail

Once the basic outline has been carved, you can add details to your design by gouging and chipping the wood. You can change the blade on the craft knife as you go along, depending on which type is best for your design.

Keep carving with the craft knife until your design is complete Keep carving until your design is complete.

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