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What are craft knives made of?

What are craft knives made of?

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A craft knife can be separated into two parts A craft knife can be separated into two main parts – the blade and the handle.


A craft knife blade is usually made from steel The blade of a craft knife is usually made from steel.

Steel is a material often used in the manufacturing of tools due to its strength and comparatively low cost.

The steel blades are often heat treated for hardness The steel used is often heat treated, to bring the blade to a hardened state. This makes it hard enough to use for tough cutting applications, but not so hard that it loses its flexibility and breaks.


Handle can be made from wood, plastic, rubber or metal A craft knife handle can be made from a range of materials, including plastic, rubber, metal and wood.
Plastic is often used for a craft knife handle


The most common material used for the handle is plastic. It can be ergonomically shaped in various ways to provide both a comfortable and secure grip for the user.

 Donkee says 'Ergonomically designed means the reduce user fatigue and discomfort'
Rubber is similar in qualities to plastic and is often used for a craft knife handle


Rubber is also often used for the craft knife handle as it has similar qualities to plastic, in that it can provide a soft, comfortable grip for the user.

Other types of craft knife may have metal handles


Aluminium has many advantages, including its strength and durability. However, it may be less comfortable to hold than handles made from plastic or rubber.

Craft knives are available with wooden handles


Finally, a handle can be made from wood, although it is less commonly used than the other types of materials. Wood is relatively lightweight, is easy to shape and some people prefer it because of its natural look and feel.

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