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What are the parts of a builder’s profile?

What are the parts of a builder’s profile?

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Labelled Profile
A builder’s profile is made up of a number of different parts separate to the actual profile poles. The profile is put together whilst being fixed to the corner of the desired wall.


Profile The profiles are long poles with two fins at the bottom to balance them against the wall. Each fin has two readily attached adjusting screws.

Poles come in 1.2m (4ft), 1.8m (6ft), 2m (6.5ft) and 2.4m (8ft) lengths.


Bolts The bolts attach to both the profile and the clamp brackets. They are used to stabilise the profile along the length of the wall. They are available in 230mm (9 in), 350mm (14 in) and 460mm (18 in) lengths.
260mm (9") bolt fits at one brick length, 360mm (14") fits at one and half brick length If the bricks have been laid correctly, the 350mm (14″) bolt will always be used on one side of the profile. The other side will use either the 230mm (9″) or the 460mm (18″) bolt depending on which fits best. If possible, use the 460mm (18″) bolt as the profile will be more stable.

Wing nuts

Wing nuts A wing nut is a nut that can be turned by hand, without the use of other tools. They are used on the builder’s profile to secure the clamp brackets to the bolts.

Clamp brackets

Clamp Brackets Clamp brackets fix the profile to the wall. They slot over the bolts and the longer end is hammered into the mortar, securing it in place.

Setting device

Setting Device The setting device is used to hold the profile in place on the wall whilst the bolts and clamps are being fitted. It slides over the profile pole and sits on the top brick.

The setting device is removed once the profile has been secured in place.

Line holders

Line Holders Line holders are slotted onto the profile pole once the profile has been built. String is hooked onto these at both ends to create your string line. These are made out of plastic.

Profile stabilisers

Profile Stabilisers Profile stabilisers are attached throughout the bricklaying process. They stop the profile pulling over as the line gets nearer to the top and loses its vertical accuracy.

Stabilisers are only required when using external and intermediate profiles and should be used every 5 courses of bricks.

Wonkee Donkee says stabilisers only need to be used once the profile is in use and not in the setting up process

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