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What are intermediate builder’s profiles?

What are intermediate builder’s profiles?

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Intermediate profile The intermediate builder’s profile is used along the wall, not on a corner. It can be used on either side of the wall and is mainly used to keep the string line tight and level on long stretches of wall between corners. Intermediate builder’s profiles are rarely used without corner profiles as they are hard to make plumb, level and square so needs to be gauged off the corner profile.
House with labelled gable Intermediate profiles can also be used when building gable ends, the end wall of a building being topped by a gable.
  Wonkee Donkee says; A gable is a triangular shaped wall built to accommodate a pointed slanting roof.

Intermediate builder’s profile sizes

gable with corner and intermediate profiles Intermediate profiles can be used when building gable ends by sustaining the level and plumb from the two corner profiles even though only the centre of the wall, where the intermediate profile is, is being built up.
Different profile lengths; 1.8m (6ft), 2.4m (8ft) The intermediate profile is available in 1.8m (6ft), 2m (6ft 6″) and 2.4m (8ft) length poles.

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