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How to use an intermediate builder’s profile?

How to use an intermediate builder’s profile?

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Cut through mortar to set up intermediate profile

Step 1 – Cut through mortar

Make a cut through the mortar joint between the second and third course. This cut needs to go completely through the wall.

Insert bolt and have curved end facing down to grip the wall

Step 2 – Insert bolt

Push the bolt through the hole in the profile and then through your joint in the wall.

The curved end needs to go through so that it can grip the other side of the wall and hold the profile in place.

tighten wing nuts on bolt to secure in place

Step 3 – Fasten bolt

Fasten the bolt in place with the wing nut (finger tight).

Adjust wing nut and lower adjusting screw to plumb profile

Step 4 – Make plumb

Use a spirit level to make the profile plumb. Adjust the wing nut on the bolt and the lower the adjusting screw to plumb the profile.

Attach line holder and run the line

Step 5 – Attach line holders

Now that the profile has been set, the line holders can be attached (open side facing away from the wall) and the line run to the other profiles.

Create joints in mortar, attach stabiliser and bolts

Step 6 – Use stabilisers

After five to six courses, use stabilisers to stop the profile pulling under pressure.

To attach the stabilisers, make two vertical joints either side of the brick on the fifth or sixth course. Push in the stabilisers and thread the bolts through until they touch the sides of the mast.

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