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Builder’s Profile Maintenance and Care

Builder’s profile maintenance and care

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Don’t over tighten

Wing nuts and bolts When using screws or wing nuts it’s important not to over tighten them as it will wear them down and mean they need to be replaced sooner.

Check adjustment screws

Builders profile All adjustment screws need to be kept clean and lubricated to ensure they are in top working condition. As they used to make the profile completely level and plumb, it is important that they are not obstructed at all or the profile will not be 100% accurate.

Store indoors

builders profile As a builder’s profile is made from galvanised steel, it should not rust, but as with any tool, storing it indoors will help to extend its working life.

Replace damaged parts

Building profile As a builder’s profile’s purpose is to ensure a level, even and plumb wall line, if any of the parts are damaged it could affect the accuracy, making the profile pointless. Replacement parts are available for all components of the builder’s profile.

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