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What are the different types of builder’s profile?

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External builder’s profiles

External building profile The external building profile is the most well-known type of builder’s profile and is used on the outside corner of the wall.

This type of profile requires three courses of the wall to have been built before it can be used.

Internal builder’s profiles

Internal building profile The internal builder’s profile has the same parts and structure as an external profile but is used on the inside corner of a wall. This would be used when building interior housing walls.

Like the external profile, it also requires three courses to be built before use.

Some external builder’s profiles have interchangeable parts that can transform them into internal builder’s profiles.

Intermediate profiles

Intermediate profile The intermediate profile is used at any point along the wall instead of on the corner. It also requires three courses to be built so it can be attached.

These profiles work well if the wall is very long, by maintaining the string line between the two corners.

Builder’s profiles with stay bars

Builders profile with stay bars A builder’s profile with stay bars is different to other external and internal profiles as it does not require the initial three courses of the wall to be built before it can be used. The stay bars either side of the profile are nailed into the ground supporting the profile from the beginning.

With this profile, a string is still used, connected to a line holder to create a level wall, but it is used from the very first course of bricks.