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How to use a internal builder’s profile?

How to use a internal builder’s profile

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An internal profile is set up and used in largely the same way as an external profile, except some of the components are attached facing outwards rather than inwards.
Internal profile; cutting out joints

Step 1 – Cut out two joints

Cut out two vertical joints in the mortar on the second course inside the corner.

Using the setting device on internal profile

Step 2 – Attach setting device

Use the setting device to hold the profile in place. The attachment should be placed with the curved end facing down and towards the bricks.

Internal profile labelled; pre set setting screws and adjusting screws

Step 3 – Slacken adjusting screws

As with the external profile, the upper setting screws on the fins are pre-set and do not need adjusting.

Slacken the lower adjusting screws to leave the profile leaning slightly away from the corner; this will help you make the profile plumb later on.

Attach bolts and clamp brackets - clamp bracket longer end first

Step 4 – Attach clamps brackets to bolts

Slide the clamp brackets onto the bolts, (important: the longer end must go on first). Use a wing nut to secure this in place and then hook the bolts onto the profile fins.

To fully secure the profile in place, push the ends of the clamp bracket into the mortar joints created in step 1. Now the setting device can be removed.

adjust bottom setting screws

Step 5 – Make plumb

Use a spirit level on both sides of the profile, tightening the bottom setting screws until the profile is plumb.

Place line holder onto profile closed side facing wall corner

Step 6 – Attach line holder

Place the line holders onto the profile, this time with the closed side facing the wall.

Stabiliser used on internal profile

Step 7 – Use stabilisers

As with the external profile, stabilisers need to be used every five courses to stabilise the profile under tension.

Adjust the stabiliser screws so they form a right angle and slide onto the profile with the screws facing the wall.

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