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How to use an external builder’s profile?

How to use an external builder’s profile

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External builders profile To use the external builder’s profile, the first three courses of the wall need to be built. To find out how to do this, see our section: How to lay the first three courses.
choosing a bolt to use on brick wall

Step 1 – Cut slots

Cut slots in the mortar at either 225mm (9in), 350mm (14in) or 450mm (18in) for the retaining bolts.

Use a joint chisel to knock out the mortar to avoid chipping the bricks. T

he slots should be made in the second course of bricks and need to be about 40mm (1.5in) deep into the mortar to make sure the bolts will be fully secured.

setting device used to attach profile

Step 2 – Attach pole and setting device

Next, place the profile pole by your wall base; this will have fins and screws already attached. Slide the setting device over the profile, making sure the curved end of the plate is facing down and wall side of the post.

Profile and setting divce

Step 3 – Place on brickwork

Place the profile on the corner of your brickwork, using the setting device to hold it in place by the curved end, gripping the hollowed side of the brick.

Make sure the top of the fins, where the top setting screws are, sits tight to the bricks.

Adjusting screws on profile

Step 4 – Slacken adjusting screws

Slacken off the adjusting screws (the two bottom screws on the fins) to leave the profile leaning slightly away from the bricks. This will help you plumb the profile correctly later.

Bolt and Clamp Bracket

Step 5 – Attach clamping brackets and bolts

Place the clamping brackets onto the bolts. Ensure that the bracket is placed on short-end first and the arms face the same way as the bolt hook.

Fix it in place with a 12mm (0.4in) wing nut.

Bolt and Clamp attached to wall

Step 6 – Attach bolts to fins

Place the hooked end of the bolts into the holes in the centre of the profile fins. Then, place the long arm of the clamp bracket into the slits in the mortar created in step 1.

Bolt and clamp in mortar

Step 7 – Tighten wing nuts

Gently tighten the wing nuts on the clamping bolts, making sure the profile remains square (lined up) with the corner.

  Wonkee Donkee says be careful not to over tighten the wing nuts
Using spirit level to plumb profile vertical

Step 8 – Remove setting device

The profile will now be attached to the brickwork so the setting device can be removed.

Use a spirit level on both sides of the profile pole, adjusting the lower pair of setting screws on the fins to make the profile perfectly vertical (plumb).

Complete Builders profile

Step 9 – Use profile

Your profile is now built and ready to start being used.

To find out how to set up your string line, see: How to use a builders profile

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